Sunday, June 26, 2011

are you fever.? oh so bad. :(

Gosh. how come you can get fever haa?

haa. this few tips i just GOOGLE for you! :p

1.You should start by taking off any excess clothes or blankets. The environment should be comfortably cool.

2.If you feel chilled dress in comfy clothes. Now is no time to be a fashion diva. Drag out your rattiest, most comfortable nightgown or pajamas and robe. Put on some socks.

3.Drink plenty of liquids
. First drink water, and stick with it. If you feel good enough, try some Ginger Ale. This really feels cool and soothing on your throat. If you're over 21, enjoy a hot toddy made by adding honey, lemon, and hot water.

4.Take Motrin (Ibuprofen) or Tylenol (Acetominophen) or Alleve (Naproxen) or Biogesic (Paracetamol) fever reducer
. This really helps! There is a kind for kids and adults. Follow the directions on the package on dosage information. Call a doctor for doses on children not covered on the package directions.

5.Put an ice pack on your forehead or damp rag. This also cools you down temporarily. Or, soak a washcloth in a bowl of cool water. Then bring it out and place it on your forehead. This will help your body to lower it's temperature, thus reducing the fever faster

6.Just relax and stay cool by drinking plenty of fluids.

7.Get a bowl of ice cream or a Popsicle
. This will take your temperature down. Don't worry about your diet; calories consumed while you are sick don't count. Your body is burning a ton of calories having a fever! Preferably you have someone else at home who can get this for you. If you have chills, you may want hot chocolate.

8.Get someone to massage your head, neck and back
. If you can get them to do your arms, legs, hands and fingers it will feel really good, too. If you don't have someone to rub you then just use an electric massager.

9.Apply a damp cloth to legs, feet and neck
. Only apply until the cloth is warm because excess application only makes the situation worse by cause shivering which increases core body temperature.

10.Drink cool liquids, as tolerated.

11.Take a cold shower
. You think a hot shower makes you feel better, but it actually makes your body temperature higher. A cold shower for 15 minutes can reduce your fever.

12.To combat infection, garlic soaked in hot water and sipped slowly can reduce the chance of another fever and alleviate the symptoms of the current fever

13.Did you believe 100 Plus can reduce fever? yeah. bet on it. It will help bring down a fever

14.If possible keep the patient in an air conditioned room so as to have a constant cold room temperature, this also helps lower the patient's body temperature.

15.Follow these steps and have plenty of rest and your fever will be gone in no time.

make sure you follow all this step. Got it?

BTW. Sleep early and you should get enough rest. aiyaa. ok?

Hope you will be okay in no times. Amin.

*sorry reader. articles ni agak skema ye? :p*