Monday, September 26, 2011

oh wow.

wow. blog baru. gosh! seriously pretty awesome. i loike!!! HAHAH

tapi pening gak aku nengok ni :p

sejak bila lah diorg wt ni. ntah2 dah lama, aku je yg jarang update blog ni. :p

alololo. sian blog aku kan. reader aku lg ksian. hahaha (ada ke org yg follow?) :p

anyway.  nowday. my life is pretty awesome n cool.  I donno how to describe it.

but sometimes misery come after me . -_-

but thanks to my luck, I manage to overcome it.  :p

now. still in the middle of crisis. crisis inside :p

still looking for solution.

what should i do now?

dear me.

I wish i could read other people mind.

I want to read your mind.

I want to know the answer so I won't lose it :p

but that's not possible. -__-'

if only.

ah never mind.  I could handle it.

 kot :p

chill dude! oke then. later ya reader! :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Do you have a nickname?

yeah. :D i have many..
saa. fastrich slamduck.
mr. bone. sally, penglipur kaya
n other freaking name. hahah :p

what do u want to know? ;)

huh! blogies! :D

yows. hey dude!

long time no see.

yeah. how your day?

I have a bad day today. n also yesterday.
grrr . -_-

but is okay.

yesterday is yesterday. let the yesterday be the yesterday.

yesterday is past. today is today.


oh yah. how bout my blog? with new music player. cun kan? :D

n don't forget bout "LIKE" button? yeah. i LOIKE! HAHAH :P

credit to

aku tau benda tu pun tgk kt blog manusia ni! :p

okay then! that's all! :D

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gentleman like manner.

Ladies and Gentleman,
here I present, the characteristic of gentleman
A gentleman know how to begin a conversation.

If a gentleman is subjected to a rude remark or rude behavior, he does not offer rudeness in return.

A gentleman allows others to finish their sentences. Even in his most brilliant moments, he does not interrupt.

A gentleman does not talk with his mouth full- even over the phone.

A gentleman is slow to judge the actions of others, either in their public or private affairs.

A gentleman never corrects another person's grammar - unless he is teaching an English class.

A gentleman does not take part in major arguments over minor issues.

A gentleman makes a conscious effort to use correct grammar, but he resists all temptation to sound overly grand.

A gentleman does not pretend to speak languages that he has not made his own.

A gentleman never asks a woman if she is pregnant.

A gentleman avoids raising his voice and does not shout others down - even in the most heated discussion.

A gentleman says "Excuse me," not "I'm sorry" when inconveniences someone while moving through a crowded room.

A gentleman never begins a statement with "I don't mean to embarrass you but..."

When it comes to accepting social invitations, a gentleman never waits for something better to come along.

A gentleman does not ask anyone - male or female- to divulge his or her age.

When a gentleman initiates a telephone conversation, he know it is his responsibility to end that conversation.
A gentleman does not use his cell phone when he is at a table with others.
Once a gentleman discovers that he must decline an invitation that he has already accepted, he promptly alerts his host.
When a gentleman receives a number of invitation on his voice mail, he accepts the first one.
A gentleman does not engage in arguments, of any sort, at the dinner table.
When a gentleman is confronted by foolishness, he does not attempt to refute it with reason. instead, he keeps silent.
A gentleman never claims to have seen a movie or read a book about which he has only read reviews.
In a civil conversation, and when attempting to meet new friends, a gentleman ask the question "What do you think?" often.
A gentleman sincerely appreciates any gift that comes his way, and pens a thank you note to show his gratitude.
A gentleman knows that a toast need not be epic in length, but usually a few well thought out words will convey his wishes.
A gentleman knows that the freshest toast of the evening is the first one offered.

A gentleman know that, beer steins excepted, he may not toast with anything resembling a coffee cup.

A gentleman never uses a toast to ridicule or embarrass a friend.

A gentleman does not take it upon himself to deliver a toast at a breakfast meeting.

When a gentleman will have guests in his home, he makes sure the toilets are clean and there is plenty of toilet paper.

When a gentleman throws a party, he goes to the grocery store and the store early in the day, and buys plenty of ice.

A gentleman understands that a hat exists for utilitarian purposes, and that it should never be worn inside.

A gentleman always removes his hat during any formal prayers.

If a gentleman has a cold, especially if he is running a fever, he declines all social invitations.

If a gentleman has left a message for another person, he does not leave badgering follow-up calls.
Even if he lives alone, a gentleman never drinks milks directly from the container.
At a concert or any musical performance, a gentleman does not applaud until the end of a complete musical number.

A gentleman does not pick his nose in public. In fact, he is wise that he does not pick his nose at all.

In a theater, mosque, or any place where people have gathered, a gentleman always turns his cell phone off.
A gentleman always thinks before he speaks.

btw, aku copy paste je tau! :p

okay then, enjoy your day! ;)

p/s:nmpknye aku langsung xde ciri2 gentleman. -_-

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

blogger life.

just few days ago, I just ran into old friend.

he ask me.

how your life now?

yeah. not very okay, still lack of luck! but awesome! :D

how bout you?

life. life. life. life.

blogger life. human life. people life. student. whatever yg bernyawa.

everyone, every single people on earth. on this planet. everyone has it own story.

just like in the movie, you are hero of your life, you are the main character of your 'movie'.

frankly speaking, this life is very complicated, but sometimes it's amusing :D

everyone has it own character, behavior, habit, that what make different between you and me.

but some people has the same !

life oo life.

the flow of my life is pretty complicated. but somehow it was interesting. :D

how about your?

to be continue. (kalau aku rajin ) :p

(p/s: benda apa aku taip ni? :p)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

hello reader.

hello. lama tak update an? an?

nape? tak ada idea lah. hee

anyway semalam saya happy. anda bagaimana?

tak kan? tak kan? HAHAHA.

oke then. na report tuh je. :p

(sorry lah kalau articles ni buat korang nyampah. ni blog aku, ske ati aku nak tulis apa. an? ;p)

Would you rather use a Mac or a PC?


what do u want to know? ;)

Check out my new profile photo and respond!

malas! :p

what do u want to know? ;)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Do you like horror movies?

seriously nope. but I do enjoy it. sometimes? HAHAH :p

what do u want to know? ;)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

hey..kau lg? =.='

kenapa kau muncul?


kau sedar tak kewujudan kau ni buat hidup aku sengsara?

oh tolong laaa!

jangan susah kan hidup aku lagi..?


lebih kurang setahun lepas,

begitu juga sewaktu zaman skolah aku,

kau dah banyak menyusahkan aku.. =.='


math! HAHAHAH. (actually bkn math, tp ada subject yg byk kira2 cam math ) :p

but this time I'm gonna overcome it!

Friday, July 22, 2011


hee. I donno why. tapi sekarang ni aku makin kuat tidur.

huh. tidur. tidur.

apakah kebaikan tidur?

dapat mengembalikan tenaga.

dapat menyegarkan diri. (tapi kalau over sangat pn wt sakit lagi adalah ) :p

dapat mimpi indah jika bernasib baik. haha ;p

dapat apa lg?


oke then!

i wan't to sleep.

I want to escape from this day, to another day. (tomorrow)

hopefully tomorrow will be great day.!

I really hope so! =.='

bila nak kawin?


what do u want to know? ;)

soalan apa lagi nak tanya ni ?


what do u want to know? ;)



what do u want to know? ;)



what do u want to know? ;)

korang penah tk kena tahan dgn guru displin sb pakai stokon kaler2 ?


what do u want to know? ;)

balek sekolah naik apa ?

HAHA. sat2. sekolah tuh hape? :p

what do u want to know? ;)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

yoww. hey dude!


seminggu tak update.

eh. seminggu ke? 2 minggu kot?

whatever. who care? hahaha.

hari ni 20 hari bulan julai. hari ketiga lepas sem 4 bermula,

hari ke 5 selepas aku pulang ke Shah Alam.

lagi sebelas hari nak puasa.?

waa. pretty awesome. first year puasa kat shah alam. mesti best kan? :D

dah2. tu je report kali. daa! ;p

p/s: i donno why, but somehow I feel this sem is awesome. gosh. I love this feeling. HAHA ;P

Monday, July 11, 2011


I'm sorry.

I really mean it.


b o s a n?

hai. saya bosan.

anda bosan?

kita sama2 bosan.


jom bosan. :p

*sekali lagi aku menaip artikel yg sgt bodoh* =.="

euww! Part 1

blogwalking.? jom. beta baru just wat blogwalking.

mcm2 rupa haram jadah blog yg beta temui. *beta? aish. sorry2*

yeah. btw. topic hari ni adalah perkara2 yang mengANNOYing kan kita! :D

pada anda, apakah perkara2 tersebut?

kalau aku, mmg tak hbs page nak list kan, tapi takpe, aku story benda yg terlintas di hati :D

1) aku nyampah bila bkak blog spe2 je. first2 muncul mke dia? OMG. tau la blog kau, tapi tak semestinya kena letak muka kau besar2. addoi. kalau lawa tu takpe gak, ni adeh. HAHA. *sorry kpd sesiapa yg terasa. tiada niat ditujukan kpd sesiapa* :p

2)aku nyampah bila tgh drive, tiba2 ada kereta bunyikan HORN. Damn! Pencemaran bunyi tahu tak? kalau horn kau tu bunyi sedap takpe gak. aish. yang kau sibuk2 horn tu asal? aku drive slow ? ke kau yg bawak laju.? manusia2.

3)aku nyampah bila tgh dgr bunyi msj. Masa mula2 aku dah suke da, tibe2 tgk name kt inbox "maxis, or nama2 yg tidak diingini" terus hilang mood. -.-'

4)aku nyampah bila aku tegur aku expect nak mkn something, then bila aku g kedai, tgk makanan tu dah habis? tau tak sedih? T_T'

5)aku nyampah bila orang tanya aku

"kau takde gf ke?"


"asal? menipu nih"

"dah memang takde, tak kan nak cakap ada"

aish. asal susah sgt nak caye?

6)aku nyampah bila tgk ada mamat tinggi+hansome.. Gosh. jealous! aku nak muka dia!
aku nak kaki dia! asal dia je hansome, aku nak jgak! =.='

7)aku nyampah bila aku cek duit balance account aku kurang dari sebelum jumlah asal .
korang tak rasa yg tu menyayat hati? T_T'

8)aku nyampah bila kena kena klentong dgn si bodoh yg mmg sah2 kaki kelentong utk kali ke 10. hahaha.

9)aku nyampah bila aku bosan gler tak tahu nak buat aktiviti apa.

10)aku nyampah bila aku takde idea nak tulis blog.? HAHA. DAH2. next time.


Hello Malaysia?

Hello reader?

Hello foreigner?

Hello world?

Hello to whoever in this planet?

What’s topic for today?

Kawan? Dunia? Korang ada online friend yg dok jauh2?

I have one. Long time ago! :p

Budak tu dari US.

Tapi aku tak ingat kat mana dia duduk, Seattle kot.

Aku kenal budak tu kat MS. HAHA.

Time tu aku lepas SPM.

Aku mana ada aktiviti lain lagi selain online 27 jam.

Budak ni nama dia Reginold. *bukan nama sebenar*

Umur dia 16 kot.

First time aku chat dgn dia, dia cakap dia artis?

Senget tol. Boleh plak aku caye. Haha.

Rupenye2 dia nak jadi artis. sengal punya budak.

Btw, dia ni negro.

Oh ya, Dia cakap kalau dia famous nanti, dia nak mai Malaysia.


Nak jumpa aku, then ajak buat konsert? HAHAHA. (dia tak tahu ke suara aku tak sedap :p)

Sumpah lawak budak ni, dia cakap aku baik.

Pastu dia cakap nak jadi bro aku? HAHA.

Aku panggil dia budak, then dia tanya aku maksud budak?

Aku jawab “budak mean brother in malay language”

Dia Tanya lagi, “then what’s big bro in malay?”

Aku jawab . “ABANG KACAK” (jahat ke aku kelentong dia?)

Dia pun jawab.

“how to pronounce it ? abang kacak”

HAHAHA. Aku tak tahu nak jawab camne. Lawak la.

Part yg paling aku suka bila dia cakap muka aku tak macam 18 tahun.

Nampak muka aku kat situ. HAHAA.

ERR. Apa lg yang menarik pasal budak ni? Ntahla.

Tak lama lepas tu aku kerja. Sebab aku kerja tu, aku jarang online.

Tu yg lama2 lost contact. Ntah budak tu ingat aku tak lagi?

Ntah dia nak cari aku tak bila dia nak datang sini? HAHAHA.

Oke then. Daa. :D

Thursday, July 7, 2011

color n de stress. part 1

color oh color,

what is color of your life?





I wonder if you can guess my true color?

not fav color okay! haha.

cakap pasal color, just td kat Malaysia Hari Ini borak pasal color.

ada sorang guest diorang cakap..

"punca utama stress dan pening kepala sebenarnya bukan dari otak, tapi dari hati, emosi yg tak tenteram"

"actually warna2 kat badan kita terdiri dari 7 warna, sama mcm warna pelangi n setiap satu anda unsur spiritualnya, okay sebagai contoh warna hijau adalah warna hati, jadi sebab tu lah orang yg stress atau tension patut banyak tengok warna hijau, pokok pun boleh jadi"

"selain tu warna favorite juga memainkan peranan penting, contohnya anda suka warna hijau, anda patut hiasi benda sekeliling anda dengan warna hijau, baju pn baju hijau, ia akan mempengaruhi emosi dan juga keyakinan anda. "

menarik tak? :p

so if you stress, why don't you take your time, looking at the tree, flower, or something that can be make you cool.? :D

okay. that's all.


p.s: orang yg tak sihat elok letak pokok dalam bilik. elok utk peredaran udara n lebih cepat sembuh. :o



are you fine?



berapa result kau?

kau dapat berapa?

haaa. tu lah soalan paling famous bg unihellian.

yeah. tapi sumpah aku annoying ngan soalan tu. HAHA

anyway thanx kpd sesiapa yg concern tu. *ada ke yg concern tu? haha*

result..?. not bad . but not okay. haha. *jawapan orang tak reti bersyukur ye? *

tapi aku okay lg. member aku sorang ni lg siot.. mcm ni dialog nye. Dia yg tanya aku dlu,

"mat, result bpe?"

"aku dapat 2.**"

"oh. okay la. aku skt je"

"sikit tu berapa?"

"3.10 je mat" what the fish man? nyampah gler aku! HAHA.

sorang lagi mamat ni lg senget. Dia tanya aku,

"lim, result kau bpe?"

"aku dapat 2.** je. kau?"

"takde fail? ok la. bi kau apa?" *tgk. dia ignore soalan aku? aku tak kisah lg.*

"tuh aku dapat *+ kau? result kau?" *sekali lagi aku tanye*

"samelah, kau ada satu A ye?"

"aah. satu A. result kau bpe?" *aku tanya lagi*

"kau tahu tak si polan dapat bpe?" *sekali lagi beliau ignore soalan beta? -.-'*

"TAK. B***H result mu bpe?" *aku dah nyampah. haha*

"kejap la, member lain kau tak tahu?"

"tak pun" *aku dah fed up ngn dia. malas aku nak ambik tahu result bdk ni* haha.

HUH! tutup case. so far so good. moral of the story, masuk sem depan study. jgn main. haha

tahniah kepada mereka yg result 3 above. n takziah kepada mereka yg kena expel :p

okay. au revoir reader.

26 thing that I won't n do in the morning. from A too Z.

yow. . howdy! morning . pagi yg tak berapa indah kan?

yeah. pagi2 lagi blogging. geez. bored!

nak tidur. tapi rasa membazir masa plak.

aish. what should I do now?

okay. here the list of 26 thing that I wouldn't n do in the morning. from A too Z.

a) makan?

*tanak. dah makan tadi*


*tanak. nanti sakit kepala oversleep+buang masa*


*malas. aku dah cukup kecik utk kurang kan berat*

d)tgk tv?

*takde yg menarik*


*lagi lah TAK*

f)kemas rumah?

*aku rasa rumah ni dah cukup kemas dan tak perlukan khidmat aku :p*

g)text her?

*tanak kacau beliau rest d pagi hari*

h)siram pokok depan rumah?

*malam tadi dah hujan. tak elok membazir air*

i)jemur baju?

*matahari tak naik habis lagi, satg la*

j)main game?

*bosanlah. dah selalu menang.

k)menikmati keindahan alam?

*apa yang indahnya kat tempat ni? =_="*


*takde suara dude*


*kepala beta sakit lah. (alasan semata2) *


*makanan kat dapur byk lagi, takde function msk lg*


*cun tak kalau sewa 1 studio, then jamming sorang2 d pagi hari begini? -.-' *

p)tgk movie?

*seriously I can't decide with movie I want to watch :p*

q)tgk wayang lah?

*pagi2 mcm ni tgk wayang? belum bukak lah lg senget. *


*ish. tak elok ye lepak2 ni. tidur kat rumah lagi berfaedah lah*


*good idea. tapi malangnya takde member la. kalau g sorang2 sure bosan*


*kemalasan melanda diri, lagi pun kaki cakap jgn guna dia selalu sangat*

u)bertegur sapa dengan jiran tetangga?

*err. takde kerja ke aku nak ketuk pintu jiran n say 'selamat pagi, pak cik sihat?'*

V)melakukan kerja berfaedah?

*woah. tapi masalahnya apa aktiviti tu?*

w)baca komik?

*dah hafal semua dialog*

x)layan drama?

*panjang sangat. malas plak. nanti berlarutan sampai malam*


*aku tak cukup merepek lagi ke sekarang?*


*yeah. that's what I'm doing rite now.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

hidup & BLA . :D

Setiap hari ada je nyawa yang hilang..
begitu juga dengan nyawa yang baru..
takziah kepada mereka yang meninggalkan kita..
dan tahniah kepada mereka yang masih berkemampuan untuk bernafas..
semua ni suratan takdir. bagaikan pusingan orbit.
ia takkan berhenti.. selagi matahari tidak terbit dari timur.
begitu juga dengan nyawa manusia..takziah n tahniah.

tadaa. cun tak ayat ni? aku wat sendiri tau. no copy paste okay! HAHA.

kenapa tiba2 aku cakap pasal ni? hidup dan mati A.K.A BLA. *Bila Lambaian Ajal* :p

haaa. adalah sebabnya. okay. ceritanya bermulaa semalam,

sorang member aku text aku.

“lim, ada budak meninggal lah”

“yeke? Sape?”

“anak pak cik yg marah aku ambik daging lebih time raya qurban dulu” *tak sangka aku dia ingat lagi pasal tu, dia ni pendendam ke apa?*

“oh dia tu, meninggal sebab apa?” *actually aku tak kenal pun siapa bdk tu*

“eksiden motor, dengarnya kena kejar polis”

“ceit. kecik2 lagi dah naik motor, kecik2 dah bla. aish”

“tuh la pasal”

Pagi tadi, dalam pukul 11.30. dia text aku,

“jom tgk surau!” aku tak reply sebab aku tidur. :p

Dia text lg.

“kau tidur ke?” aku terjaga, aku pun reply

“yup, second round. Haha” *second round mean aku sambung tidur lg lepas breakfast* :p

“haha. Nak tak g surau?”

“satg la, aku mamai lg ni”

“Aaa. Takpelaa”

“hee. Sorry2”

Aku pun buat stretching *menggeliat*

Mak aku balik dalam pukul 12.30, dia Tanya aku,

“dengar tak ada orang meninggal?”

“oh, budak tu, tahu2, eksiden motor”

“dengarnya diorang kena kejar polis, polis tu sepak motor diorang”

“oh. Bodohnya polis tu” *jgn korang report kt polis plak yg aku ckp gitu* :p

“tuh la, tak pergi surau ke? Ajak la A” *A. member aku, bukan nama sebenar. haha*

“malas, kejap lg lah“

Dalam pukul 1.30, member aku msj lg,

“jom surau”

“okay, boleh gak”

“sekarang, naik kaki”

“okay, kau tunggu rumah, aku mai skrg” aku pun keluar lah, mak aku tanya pergi mana,

“Surau, A ajak”

“pergi surau pakai baju mcm tu?” *t-shirt hitam, jean, kopiah tak pakai, rambut tak sikat* :p

“ala. Takde etik pemakaian pergi surau la, janji tutup aurat” haha. :p

“ish, pakai lah kopiah pun, nama je anak ustaz”

“ala, bapak je ustaz, lg satu imej bukan segala2nya” *chewaahI* aku pun pergi, last2 bawak gak kopiah* sampai2 kat member aku,

“diorang dah kebumikan lah”

“oh, dah lambat lah ni”

“yeah, jom pergi masjid jela, alang2 dah keluar”

Kitaorang pun pergi, naik motor A, tak pakai helmet pun, langsung takde kesedaran member aku sorang ni. HAHA.

Then balik, time pergi sana tu byk jgak kiteorang gossip pasal mangsa kejadian. A ada ckp yg dia dapat tahu mangsa kejadian tu cakap kat mak dia yg dia nak pergi rmh kawan dia dekat2 area rumah je, tapi sebenarnya rumah kawan dia jauh jugak lah. Dia tipu lah tu? huh. Dari A mana dia tahu pasal tu? sumber dari BERNAMA. :P

Aish. Budak tu baru form 3 kot. Tapi dah mati katak macam tu kat tepi jalan? Err. Sia2 hidup 15 tahun, pastu mati tepi jalan je? Membazir duit parent korang jeh. Haa. Bertuah parent aku ada anak yg baik cam aku. *BAIK KE?* haha. Tapi pape pun, setiap yg berlaku ada hikmahnya, just fikir, dia mati time umur 15, apa kebaikannya? Dosa tak byk! Haa. Lg satu, parent dia kurang beban. Guess why? Sebab tak payah bg duit poket kat dia, tak payah bg makan kat dia, tak ke kurang sikit bajet keluarga dia? HAHA. :P

Tapi bila fikir balik pasal ajal maut, takde sape boleh tahu bila nak BLA kan? Woah. Seram plak . =.=’

Maybe sebagai muslim kita patut selalu beringat pasal tu. solat jgn tinggal, wajib tuh! Gossip tu kurang2 lah, dosa tuh, bila korang nak minta maaf kt spe2 yg korang gossip tu? *ouch, gossip? insyAllah aku try ingatkan diri sendiri* :p

Kepada budak2 kecik yg takde lesen tu, tok sah nak gatai tangan bawak motor lah, satg kena kejar polis baru tahu takut. Kepada parent2 jgn lah bg anak anda yg takde lesen tu bawak motor, kalau byk sgt duit korang nak byr saman, baik korang bagi jeh duit korang kat aku, lg berfaedah. Haha.

Oke then, aku rasa sampai di situ tazkirah blog hari ni. Semoga kita mempelajari sesuatu yg bermakna, insyAllah, segala yg baik datangnya dari Allah s.w.t, segala yg buruk tu bukan salah aku. *ayat ustaz dalam tv, pinjam kejap ye. :p*

Okay2. Selamat beramal! Daa~ :D

*p.s: tak sangka aku tulis artikel yg ada unsur2 agama mcm ni. HAHA. :p

Monday, July 4, 2011

nak kereta.?

" mak.. nak kereta.. "

"ish. nak kereta apa?"

"dodge viper je, boleh lah"

"aaaah. esok mak beli kan satu, nak warna apa?"

"warna hitam laa, senang sikit, tak nampak kalau kotor"

"okay. esok mak soh orang tu hantar kereta kat rumah"

"okay, thanx"

HAA. kan best kalau mak aku sporting camtu. :D

tapi hakikatnye..

"mak, nak kereta"

"ah. takde2, lesen P tak habis lagi nak berlagak bawak kereta"

"alaa. tapi lesen P tu takde pape makne. yang penting kepakaran pemanduan"

"sekarang kamu nak cakap yg kamu ni dah terror bawak kereta lah ye?"

"aaaa. lebih kurang camtu laa"

"dah.. jangan nak berangan, baru student, belum kerja lg, tok sah nak pakai kereta, pakai motor je dah cukup"

"alaaa. tapi bahaya la bwak motor sekarang, tahu tak statistik kemalangan jalan raya sekarang ni, 70 peratus kemalangan jalan raya adalah penunggang motor. jadi mak tak risau ke"

"alasan semata2, kalau dah ajal tu tak ke mana" *mak aku tak cakap camni ye :p*

*terdiam seketika*

"okay fine" maka si anak pun give up.

maka dodge viper kini tinggal angan2. *Ah. takde2 . gaji first nanti aku nak beli sebijik* :p

*caya tak? :p*

okay then. daaaaaaa :D

bila kita nak kaya eay ?

after five years from now. haha. ;p

what do u want to know? ;)

kalau nak jogging boley kaki ayam tak ?

kalau jogging pakai kaki ayam, ayam nak jogging pakai kaki apa plak?

what do u want to know? ;)

awak ke yang jatuh tangga semalam ?

Gosh. silap orang . sorry2. haha

what do u want to know? ;)

lawak kan ?? haha

siapa? saya? of course dude. HAHA :p

what do u want to know? ;)

Sunday, July 3, 2011


morning. morning.

11.32 am. still morning rite?

*still not too late for breakfast rite*

huh.. another boring day just begin.

what should I do now ?

seriously bored. =_='

oh yaa. someone told me this before..

"pasanglah lagu kalau bosan" :p

yeah. great idea. :D

BTW, check this out.

Only You (Du Yi Wu Er) by Show Luo

one of the my favorite song. :D

*dah lama tak lyn lagu mandarin, best plak :p*

so. best tak? ngee~

Tak faham? korang Google la sendiri lyric ni. HAHA. ;p

okay . tu je. adios !

you . you . you.

today is 4 july..

is been 5 month since first time I know you..

you know what. I glad to meet you.


*OMG. jiwang kot. apa aku tulis ni? sorry reader. :P *


what does meaning of update.?

update mean.?

"keeping the most recent version of something"

something like that la.

haha. btw, korang cuba teka dari mana datangnye idea "update" ni?

haaa. just a few minute ago. someone just ask me to update more kerap bcause she say my blog is bout myself, that's why i should update it more kerap.. *ntah knp aku suke plak gne ayat "kerap*

yeah. itulah i think she's rite. :D

but seriously I'm running out of idea.


LMAO. what kind of spell i just cast? :p

okay..setakat ni jelaa.


Saturday, July 2, 2011

B O R E D.


saya bosan.?

awak bosan tak? :D


bye. :p

maaf kerana post ni terlalu sengal utk dibaca.

Friday, July 1, 2011

study.? :D

just tadi ad sorang mmber aku membuat aduan rakyat kat aku..

"saa, aku dah fed up sgt nak blajar"

aku tnye lah knp?

"aku repeat subject sem lepas lagi"

oh great. =.=' nak je aku cakap..

"hah. tuh lah, kelas jarang datang, time cikgu kau ngajar tidur, cakap kat belakang, padan muke! nk salah kan sape?"

tapi tak sampai ati plak.. huh! *tp kadang2 aku pn tidur gak dlm kls* :p

cakap pasal study.. sebenarnya aku ni bukan jenis serius pun study. yeah. that's my true nature.

tapi disebabkan ianya keperluan aku tak leh tolak..

huh. dulu kat sekolah pun aku main2. ;p

effect dia kat spm.

effect spm, aku kt Unihell, nampak kan? :)

Seriously aku tak faham kenapa ada orang rajin sangat kerja lepas SPM.?

sumpah aku anti dengan perkataan "KERJA" hahaha.

sebenarnya other reason kenapa aku study sebab aku tak suke kerja, ;)

aku lebih rela guna otak utk study dari guna tenaga utk kerja. faedah lebih, effort kurang.

korang faham? :)

diorang sume tak sedar ke dgn diploma korang boleh dapat gaji lebih berbanding SPM yg cm haram tu? haha. ngek kan bg mereka yg tak sedar? :p * sorry kpd sesiapa yg trase*

yeah. Gaji? money. that's one of the important element in our life. :)

"money is not everything, but without money, you are nothing"

that's my favorite quote!

n for some reason, I have to keep going. :D *ah sudah. cakap bi plak. mesti korang dah pening*

hahaha. dah oleh itu. aku study n get higher pointer! huh!

lepas grad nak keje gaji tinggi2 . *angan2* HAHA

dah2. aku full stop. cukup sini.

sayonara! :D

hello blog. ;p

sehari tak update. rindu aku tak? *ceit. selama ni tak update 6 bulan tak pernah ada orang kisah pun, apatah lagi baru sehari. HAHAHA* :P

haa. hari ni 1 July. hello July! :D

yeah.. hello reader..!

sedar tak sedar dah masuk bulan july. haish. cepatnye masa.. :s

ada orang cakap, "biaselaah, akhir zaman, masa cepat je jalan"

kadang2 seram gak fikir tu. dosa ntah bertimbun.. waah.! -.-'

aaaaa. change the subject please! :p

yeah. mari kita bercerita mengenai event bulan July.

start dari hari ni..

erm td? aku tak buat pape.. buat rutin biase. cume ptg lepak kt cyberjaya ngn mmber.

tomorrow.? nothing. same routine. -.-'

lusa? mak aku ajak g sungai. nak ikot? ;p

the day after lusa? 4 july? aaaaaaa. tanak cakap! :)

the day after that day N' also the day seterusnye. still donno.

tp 7 july.? crap. hari kuar result kot. hoho. -.-'

sebelas hari selepas tu, 18 july. register masuk unihel semula. that's mean maybe 17 kot aku balik Shah Alam. hello Shah Alam :D

miss plak kt bdk rmh aku. haha. .

lepas tu.? hidup aku akan kembali seperti biase. collage boy? Gosh. malas plak. :p

haha. normal la tu kan? okay. cukup la merepek aku.

daaaaaa ;p

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

insomnia. ?

jam sudah menunjukkan pukul 3.54 am. tapi mata aku still celik.. rasa macam nak tidur.

tapi tak boleh.. why? gosh. insomnia aku da balik ke?

3.58 am. Strength of the world sedang berkumandang dari phone ku.

otakku kosong. apa sebenarnya ada dalam otak aku ni?

hee. nak rest. nak tidur. boleh?

aku harap mata aku jawab.. "boleh"

tapi malangnye tak. dia tak bagi..

4.03 am. aku layan Betrayed lak..

aku tengah meniarap depan lappy Presario CQ42 aku.

lappy.. kenapa yea?

malangnye lappy tak mampu memberi jawapan.

otakku sangat kosong. esok apa aku nak buat ye?

tidur jela. okay?

4.08 am. "Somewhere I belong"

where did i belong? tibe2 soalan tu muncul dalam otak aku bila terdengar lagu tu.

4.11 am. "The only hope for me is you"

yeah. you are the only hope for me. :s

4.15. aku dah off lagu. nak restkan telinga+otak+mata=diri.

sampai sini je. maaf. ni merupakan artikal merepek+pointless+buang masa.


new! new! new? ;)

Haa. Cun tak Pic baru tu? :D

Tulah tempat aku biase main golf. ;) *dalam mimpi*

Cantik kan tempat tu? Sebelah tu ada lading kuda. :D

Agak2 apa factor aku letak gambar ni?

Pendapat korang?

Apa yang korang nampak dalam gambar tu?

Perasan tak sebenarnya hujan kat situ?

Apa yg boleh dikaitkan dengan hujan?

Air.sejuk.fenomena alam, natural n Noh hujan? *eh, Noh? *

Semua element tu adalah antara perkara aku sukee :D *included Noh* haha

Selain itu, gambar ni nampak tenang je kan? Yeah. =)

okay. that's all. sora jaa ;)

p/s: lovec tu maksudnye bukan love or anything yg sewaktu dengannya. maksudnye jauh beza. harap maklum. ;p

Monday, June 27, 2011

selamat pagi.?

*lawa kan ? :D*

selamat pagi semua. Saya sekarang sedang berblogging di pagi yang tak seberapa indah, tapi boleh lah tahan cun nye. Jam PC ni menunjukkan jam 9.17 a.m. tp hakikatnya jam sekarang pukul 9.28 a.m. Jam PC ni lambat. Maaf ye atas laporan yg sah2 sengal.

Sebenarnya aku dah log-in account aku ni lebih kurang 2 jam yang lepas, aku dah lama dah tekan "new post" ni, tapi disebabkan otak yg blur di pagi yang tak seberapa indah, tapi boleh tahan cun nye, aku tak dapat memikirkan apa2 untuk dikarang di layar blog anehku ini sehingga beberapa minit yang lepas.

Tiba2 aku terfikir, agaknya apa yang jadi kalau pagi ni tak pagi? haa. faham tak mesti korang pening an? apa yg aku maksudkan adalah, cuba bayangkan pagi ni matahari tak naik! waaah. Mesti best kan ? :D *sorry. imaginasi aku tinggi, sbb tu aku suke benda pelik2 camnii*

Cuba bayangkan. bayangkan, pagi ni gelap jee. matahari tak naik, tapi jam dah pukul 11?

menakutkan? laa. asal fikiran korang sempit sangat? Best apa kalau camtu! *wink2*

agak2 apa korang boleh buat dalam situasi gitu? mesti korang fikir satu jeh? tidur2 je kn? :p

kalau korang fikir camtu maksudnye hidup korang ni sumpah bosaan. hahah *kepada sesiapa yg terasa, minta maaf.. tiada maksud utk mengata sape2, tapi yg terasa tu padan muka lah*

agaknye kalau siang gelap macam malam apa benda yang paling menarik kat Malaysia? surely menarik sebab tak panas kan? kan? :D

kalau tak panas, sejuk jee. bukan ke lagi menarik kalau korang jalan2 a.k.a merayap2 kat mana2 tempat yg korang nak pergi tanpa risau masalah sunburn. tak gitu? lagi satu kan, korang boleh overnite sepanjang hari kalau camtu? tak menarik ke? :D *kalau dah overnite sepanjang hari tu bukan overnite lg, tapi overDAY?* or maybe i should say. overDOSE? -.-'

oh yeah, tambahan pula dengan salji tiba2 turun kat sini? woah. best gler . :p *sorry sekali lagi. aku sekali lagi merepek di tahap luar kotak fikiran*


agak2 nye pekerjaan apa paling famous+ kalau fenomena macam ni jadi? korang rasa?

yeah. Encik Pemotong kayu api lah! eh salah, time tu Pemotong kayu api semua dah pakai title DATO' ? yeah. Disebabkan zaman tu sumber bahan api amat diperlukan, jadi pekerjaan tu telah menjadi pekerjaan yang paling mulia di pandangan orang ramai. sehinggalah semua Univerisiti di Malaysia, tak kira IPTS OR IPTA, mereka diwajibkan menyediakan Course Diploma in Kayu Api Management.

*haa. tgk UiTM pun ada* ;)

Dan tak lupa, pada ketika terdapat satu pekerjaan yang amat dikeji masyarakat.. cuba teka apa?

jeng jeng. BOMBA? woah. Guess why? Sebab kerja diorang padam api, sedangkan pada zaman tu api amat diperlukan tahap kritikal nak mampus, sebab tulah kerjaya tersebut amat dipandang senget-sesengetnye masyarakat.

HUH.. *tarikh nafas seketika sambil memikirkan idea aneh lagi pelik*

Masa tu, pet yang paling HOT adalah PENGUIN? waa. caya tak? PENGUIN diimport besar2 dari Arthic . :p
*COMEL?* ;)

OWL telah mendukung tempat kedua dalam carta HOTTEST PET .

*tbe2 teringat cter legend of guardian* :D

time tu kucing kurang mendapat sambutan. SOBS2. :(
*tapi kucing tetap menjadi pilihan no1 aku*

Manakala musang dan serigala arthic mendapat sambutan. Mereka kini dibela secara besar-besaran? wow. :D *gler ke?*

okay2. back to the true fact of the globe. Korang mesti fikir benda ini merepek?
tak logik kan? yeah, aku ngaku memang merepek. ada ke orang bela musang buat pet? tak masuk akal langsung . :p

Tapi kan, pasal Malaysia turun salji ? logik tak.? yeah. Ada kemungkinan..

Malaysia adalah negara yang terletak di garisan Khatulistiwa, itu adalah punca kenapa Malaysia tak mengalami fenomena 4 musim. Tapi sekiranya berlakunya perubahan arah dalam putaran matahari, agak2 apa jadi? kedudukan garisan Khatulistiwa mungkin akan beralih ke negara lain, dan Malaysia ada kemungkinan untuk turun salji? *aku tau korang mesti pening+cakap aku merepek ni? sorry la. aku dah lupe teori geografi, jadi aku takleh explain lagi detail+saintifik.*

haa. anyway. korang tak rasa benda tu logik? *sokonglah sikit :p*

suke tak? eleh. suke lah tu! nampak tu. dah sengih2 beruk daa . haha

Tapi apa penjelasan untuk perubahan putaran bumi?

bumi ni berputar dari timur ke barat . *betul kan?*

jadi kalau dia berputar arah lain, arah mana tu?

tadaaa! barat ke timur lah. tak lah lah utara selatan kot. ni bukan highway utara-selatan ok.? ;)

hermm barat ke timur? faham tak maksud ni? maybe korang patut berhenti tanam impian harap harap Malaysia ada salji, dan ada eloknye korang pergi solat taubat nasuha dlu, mana tau kot esok2 salji turun kat sini. :p

waah, tak sangka blog aku ni ada pengisian agama gak kat ending. haha ;p
btw, topic ni pernah jadi topic borak kosong aku ngn Iqqy Bobo. :D
spe Iqqy Bobo? len kali aku cter k. ;)

okay. aku rasa sampai situ je . maaf ye sbb blog ni aneh2. :p

au revoir reader. ;)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

are you fever.? oh so bad. :(

Gosh. how come you can get fever haa?

haa. this few tips i just GOOGLE for you! :p

1.You should start by taking off any excess clothes or blankets. The environment should be comfortably cool.

2.If you feel chilled dress in comfy clothes. Now is no time to be a fashion diva. Drag out your rattiest, most comfortable nightgown or pajamas and robe. Put on some socks.

3.Drink plenty of liquids
. First drink water, and stick with it. If you feel good enough, try some Ginger Ale. This really feels cool and soothing on your throat. If you're over 21, enjoy a hot toddy made by adding honey, lemon, and hot water.

4.Take Motrin (Ibuprofen) or Tylenol (Acetominophen) or Alleve (Naproxen) or Biogesic (Paracetamol) fever reducer
. This really helps! There is a kind for kids and adults. Follow the directions on the package on dosage information. Call a doctor for doses on children not covered on the package directions.

5.Put an ice pack on your forehead or damp rag. This also cools you down temporarily. Or, soak a washcloth in a bowl of cool water. Then bring it out and place it on your forehead. This will help your body to lower it's temperature, thus reducing the fever faster

6.Just relax and stay cool by drinking plenty of fluids.

7.Get a bowl of ice cream or a Popsicle
. This will take your temperature down. Don't worry about your diet; calories consumed while you are sick don't count. Your body is burning a ton of calories having a fever! Preferably you have someone else at home who can get this for you. If you have chills, you may want hot chocolate.

8.Get someone to massage your head, neck and back
. If you can get them to do your arms, legs, hands and fingers it will feel really good, too. If you don't have someone to rub you then just use an electric massager.

9.Apply a damp cloth to legs, feet and neck
. Only apply until the cloth is warm because excess application only makes the situation worse by cause shivering which increases core body temperature.

10.Drink cool liquids, as tolerated.

11.Take a cold shower
. You think a hot shower makes you feel better, but it actually makes your body temperature higher. A cold shower for 15 minutes can reduce your fever.

12.To combat infection, garlic soaked in hot water and sipped slowly can reduce the chance of another fever and alleviate the symptoms of the current fever

13.Did you believe 100 Plus can reduce fever? yeah. bet on it. It will help bring down a fever

14.If possible keep the patient in an air conditioned room so as to have a constant cold room temperature, this also helps lower the patient's body temperature.

15.Follow these steps and have plenty of rest and your fever will be gone in no time.

make sure you follow all this step. Got it?

BTW. Sleep early and you should get enough rest. aiyaa. ok?

Hope you will be okay in no times. Amin.

*sorry reader. articles ni agak skema ye? :p*

Saturday, June 25, 2011


kawan? :D

Kawan? Apakah maksud kawan? Mari kita berbicara mengenai ni.

Di bawah adalah situasi A.

Si Polan A: Awak ada kawan?

Si Polan B: Ada2. Memang lah ada. Semua orang ada kot. Orang hutan pun ada kawan, apatah lg kita.

Si Polan A: Kawan baik?

Si Polan B: Takde.

Si Polan A: Kawan jahat?

Si Polan B: Adalah sikit.

Si Polan A: Kawan tak berapa jahat, tapi tak baik?

Si Polan B: Banyak sikit.

Si Polan A: Kenapa awak takde kawan baik?

Si Polan B: sebab saya ada sejarah gelap pasal tu, sejak tu saya dah susah percaya kat orang.

Si Polan A: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.. Tapi bukan semua orang camtu?

Si Polan B: Yeah. Tapi kebanyakannya macam tu.

Si Polah A: Janganlah cakap gitu. Eh jap. Saya ni kawan apa ? jahat? Tak berapa jahat? Tak baik?

agak2 apa jawapan dia? jeng jeng jeng. To be continues *bajet suspens* hahahaha

Dialog ni berdasarkan kisah benar. Tp telah di edit sikit, dialog asal takdelah sengal camni :p

What summer movies are you looking forward to seeing?

transformers 3 ;)

what do u want to know? ;)

Friday, June 24, 2011

i hate emo ! you ?

I don't care unless they disturb my life? ;)

what do u want to know? ;)

knape ak comel ek wei? ahaha..;P


what do u want to know? ;)

kaLo dAh expLAin byk kALi bUt stiLL aDe yAnG x pAhAm bAhaSa , , nAk wAt cmnE eh ? ?


what do u want to know? ;)

can you answer this question?


what do u want to know? ;)

Hello :)


what do u want to know? ;)

cmne hdup skarang?


what do u want to know? ;)

cara nak jawab exam dgn mudah dan betul ? bg tips bolehh ? almaklum lha nak exam rabu nyy ..


what do u want to know? ;)

suka x bila digelar sombong ?


what do u want to know? ;)

suka BOYFIEE/GIRLFIEE yang alim ataw sosial ?


what do u want to know? ;)

sehari kalaw x mara mang bukan manusia ke ?


what do u want to know? ;)

sains ataw maths ? mana senang ?


what do u want to know? ;)

xtaw nk tnye ape .. HAHHA .. bye bye


what do u want to know? ;)

you eat with spoon or hand ?


what do u want to know? ;)

what your fell today ? sad , happy ?


what do u want to know? ;)

you like to eat MCdonald or KFC ?


what do u want to know? ;)

what your opinion about me ?


what do u want to know? ;)

My friends want a scene with me . is it need ?


what do u want to know? ;)

what you do now ?


what do u want to know? ;)

kenapa manusia kejam ?

nope. sebab manusia tak mampu utk memahami semua orang di dunia,
bila diorang tak faham, tu yang menimbulkan perasaan tidak senang or boleh jadi salah faham. Tu yang menjadi punca kepada perkataan "KEJAM?" ;P

what do u want to know? ;)

lepas subuh, jangan tdur tau!

Kenapa kita tak elok tidur lepas subuh? Yes, itu yang kita nak tahu.

Al-kisah pagi yang tak berapa indah.

Today. 24 June 2011.

Aku bangun pukul 6.30. itu pun sebab abah aku bising suruh bangun. Aku pun jawab.

“ye ye ye . dah bangun, kejap lah” sambil tarik selimut.

Lima minit kemudian, abah aku bising lagi, sekali lagi aku menjawab.

“kejaplaaah, dah bangun ni” sambil membetulkan posisi tidur.

Lagi lima minit, abahku muncul lagi. Aah. Last2 aku bangun gak, pergi tandas, basuh muka, ambil wuduk, masuk bilik. Solat jap. Then sambung tidur. Tak sampai lima minit, dengar lagi suara abah aku. Adeh. Mak aku ketuk pintu. Abah ajak makan? Oh crap. -.-‘ nak je aku jawab.

“diet. Diet. Pagi tak makan” haha. Tapi aku cakap.

“tak ngantok lah, nak makan”

Actually aku nak cakap.

“tak lapar laa. Nak tidur jap. Sakit kepala”

Aku terdiam jap. N aku terfikir. “apa yang aku cakap ni?” :p

Then aku pun kuar, pergi meja. Abah aku tu bising, Tanya nape lambat sangat nak kuar.

“tak ngantuk”

Aku tengok je mihun, main2 guna garfu. Time tu abah aku dah sudah makan dah, dia dah nak pergi kerja. Dia cakap2 sikit n pergi kerja. Aku pun salam dia. Lepas je dia kuar, aku cakap kat adik aku,

“simpan mihun ni,satgi makan, nak tidur” hahaha.

Maka si polan Berjaya tidur. Bangun2 je tidur, mihun dah habis. Adik aku lupa simpan, mak aku bawak semua mihun pergi taksa. -,-‘

Moral of the story. Tak elok tidur lepas subuh, rezeki tak masuk. :p

Thursday, June 23, 2011

23. june. 2011.

23 hari bulan JUNE?

june bulan ye, bukan june name orang ye. ;p

btw. hari ni tau!

kenapa dengan tarikh ni?

yeah. byk benda yang aku boleh kaitkan dengan 23 JUNE.

oke2. kalau kita undo 2 hari before 23 june. kita akan dapat 21 JUNE? (undo? mcm freak je)

Kenapa dengan 21 JUNE? Okay. kita flashback setahun lepas. 21 JUNE 2010?

21 JUNE adalah tarikh aku masuk Unisel a.k.a Unihell ;)

Tarikh yg bermakna kn? :p (tarikh masuk neraka dunia? hahaha)

Tp pape pn aku suke masuk neraka dunia ni .hahaha ;p ( oi. korang jgn fk bukan2 tau )

okay2. berbalik pada 23 JUNE.?

Kalau kita reverse masa, sebulan sebelum 23 JUNE, kita akan sampai ke tarikh 23 may.?

23 MAY? kenapa dengan tarikh keramat ni?

aku tak tahu kenapa dalam beberapa tarikh iaitu 21,22, 23 dan 24. ramai kot member aku yg clash dengan spouse diorang? woah. somehow like curse ma?

disebabkan untuk mengenangkan nasib malang mereka. aku mengistiharkan 23 MAY Sebagai hari CLASH seUNIHEL? :p (kepada sesiapa yang lahir pada 23 MAY. aku mintak maaf. ye ;p )

okay. dari 23 may. kita reverse lagi masa lg dua bulan. then kita akan dapat 23 march ?

23 march tu kita tambah lagi 3 hari kita akan dapat 26 march.?

yeah. tu tarikh mati aku a.k.a hari aku jadi zombie. hahahaha (tarikh kena reject kot ;p)

tapi jangan risau. aku dah hidup semula. hahaha ;D

Oh yeah,

and at last. event paling bermakna pada 23 JUNE adalah hari blog aku diREVIVE semula :D

setelah beberapa bulan tak hidup kot. hahaha. :p

oke then. aku rasa tu je yang aku dapat katakan mengenai tarikh keramat ni kn..

sorry sebab post ni agak merepek (ckp mcm post lain tak merepek je)

n kepada sesiapa yang terasa, mohon ampun harap diterima . ;)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

blog. not block ok?

hiaahh! hye dude!

lame tak update . sorry to dear follower. ( masalahnye ada ke org yg betul2 follow? haha)
today. somehow i feel so alive. yeah. :)

just about for a hour ago. sorg mmber ni tnye aku.

"ada blog tak?"

surely aku jwb

"ad, tapi blog aku plek"

hahah. jwapan commercial aku tu! :p

tak lama pastu dy bg respond.

"lawak laaa!"

frankly speaking i'm really sukee laaa. hahahah,.

dah lame org tak mai blog aku. suke laa. ;p

tak lame pastu...sigadis sorg ni tnye aku tgk wtpe.? aku jawab.

"tgh tgk blog"


dy pn ckp,

"na bceee?! @.@"

sekali lagi aku menjawab dgn jawapan commercial aku,

"hee, tp blog i plek laa"

then aku bg link..

sme mcm org sbelum ni..first reaction..

"so funny"

waaaaaaaaaaaah. hati melompat keriangan bagaikan koko crunch di ladang gandum :p (apa kaitannya? hahahah)

anyway. thanx kpd mereka berdua. tibe2 rase mcm nk tulis balik jee. ;)

p/s: statement first aku tu.
"today. somehow i feel so alive. yeah"

langsung takde kaitan dgn blog ni tau. len taon aku cter ye? ;p

Saturday, April 9, 2011

aDe nAmpAk sELipar sAya tAk ? =)

ada.. kat depan rmh awak kot :p

what do u want to know? ;)

Monday, March 14, 2011

today. 15.3.2011. esok ada exam MGMT. yay! saya suke.. kot -.-'

3:25 am: tgh dok melayan blog. geez! activity time bosaan gler. aku terfikir..

"npe aku tak baca buku? esok final exam, management kot!"

"management je kot? what is managament?"

"Getting work done through other people"

"tengok! kan senang!"

err, kalau sume senang camtu kan best. xDD tapi malangnye itu hanya angan2..=.=' ERR.. frankly speaking. aku dah nyampah tgk buku. aku rasa buku tu lagi nyampah tgk aku. haha. -.-'

4 jam lepas.. Iqbal (my dear roommate) temy. (my granpa? *tipu2 je*) Man dan Acab msok blek aku. rupenye diorang baru nak study. time tu aku dah tutup buku 2 jam sebelum diorang sampai, that's mean kira2 6 jam yg lepas (kiraan dari jam entry ini ditulis :p )

Temy pinjam nota aku.. tapi byk tnya..cthnye..

"salim, mn 1 mula dulu"

"apa yg kau tulis ni?"

"kenapa sikit sangat?"

haaahh! byk kerenah kan atok aku ni? hahah. oke. NEXT, Man plak..

dia ni study sambil baring. aku perli dia.

"study laah. lagi 5 minit tdo"

hahah. tuh okay lagi, Acab plak asyk melayan lagu jiwang kat ruang tamu. kami keanehan dengan kepelikan atas kelakuannya. Man antara aktivis yang aktif memBAHAN dan menCACI beliau. aku hanya tergelak. kongsi saham dosa. :p

iqbal? dia je focus :DD *kot* :p

aku? aku memang tak sentuh la buku! dah seharian aku tgk buku! aku dah penaaat!! >.<'

so aku cume tgk2 je diorang :DD

tapi aku still risau bila fikir pasal exam esok ~.~'

err..~ tapi co0l laa. exam je kot ? :p

hopefully sume okay. Good luck for all my dearest friend, kwn2 yg berada d dalam ship yg sama. ke medan exam. semoga kalian selamat! (begitu juga aku ) =.='

amin. insyAllah oke! >.<'

okay. myb that's all . daa.

wish me very very go00oodd Luuckkk! xDDD

korg rse ngantok x ? ? pegi la tdo . . huhu . . mata ni still galak lg nak bukak . . . =)

kalau mcm tu, takpayah laa tido. trozkan la berjage.
buat la aktiviti yg menarik. tgk movie ke, bce buku pun oke what,
sure nanti tertdo ;p

what do u want to know? ;)

kalo x pegi interview job ok ke ? ? huhu

okay what. kalau rajin pergi laa. :D
kalau malas, tak payah laa :p
lepas tu, tgklaa interview katne..
kalau tmpt okay, apa slhnye try .
tak gitu ;D

what do u want to know? ;)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

overnite.? STUDY?


7.march 2011. Monday.

overnite? apakah itu? Faizal pernah meriwayatkan overnite adalah aktiviti yang buang duit/buang masa. ternyata ada kebenarannya. ;p

semalam, Iqbal tibe2 mengajak aku study@overnite kt McD. waa. sound great!

setelah think cook2 sampai hangus.

akhirnya aku setuju.

pada malam itu@4 jam yang lepas.

kami pun berlepas. (bajet macam naik flight je)

pabila sampai disana.

aku online dlu. :p

man dengan iqbal pulak tgk buku.

aku agak kagum dengan semangat mereka.

ternyata semangat aku lemah. aku online dekat sejam jugak. :p

lepas tu, aku bagi diorang. iqbal nak download Oggy and Conkroaches, tapi byk kali fail.

sadis je aku tgk. time tu aku tgh pening kepala @ buat nota.

tak lama pastu, aku tgk diorang blik, tgh layan BOF pulak. O.o

sumpah aneh. ~.~'

jam sudah menunjukkan jam 4 pagi, Man mencadangkan masuk dalam.


aku taak tahu nak buat apa -.-'


Monday, February 28, 2011

petang yg ... err.. (apa ye?)

Jam sudah menunjukkan pukul 7:15 pm. Aku sedang duduk termenung di tepi berandar bertemankan lappy yg sedang mendengarkan lagu HEARTBEAT dari 2PM, (lagu ni baru je download) ;p err. cuaca di luar sungguh cerah. rasa tenang je, erm tapi dalam hati tak tenang. aku tengah fikir, "apa yg aku buat ni?! exam lagi seminggu lah! kenapa aku tak study?!! oh tidak!"


apa yang patut aku buat? :p

Sunday, February 27, 2011

what a boring day?

frankly speaking..

I really donno what to do now?
i donno what to write?
what should i write here?
can somebody give me idea?

kalau dlm kls mgntuk sgt buat apa?

tidur jelaa

what do u want to know? ;)

are you so fucking damn cute???

i donno,. ask youself. what donno think bout me?

what do u want to know? ;)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

kalau awk suka seseorang,,awk buat apa??

i'll text her everyday :D

what do u want to know? ;)

love pada anda ?

aww. soalan ni.
sorry. i need privasi .
tau tak ini tempat awam..
erm adlah someone ;p

what do u want to know? ;)

kalau hati awk sakit dgn perangai kawan awk,,awk buat apa??

saya akan diam je. . saya akn perli dia dengan sopan bg dia terasa. kalau tak sedar jgak n still buat sy sakit hati,
saya akan SOUND dia. hahahaha ;p

what do u want to know? ;)

kalau ada mamat or awek yg usha korang time korang nk bli mkanan or tgh lepak ngn membe2 korang, korang malu tk? then korang btpa? :D

tgk blek kat awek tu, senyum dan tegur..
"HAI.. nak kenal ke?" :p

what do u want to know? ;)

adakah anda seorang yg pemalu tp peramah?urm cmane tu =,=

sometimes saya seorang yg pemalu.
tapi ada kalanya, pada masa lain,
saya boleh jadi sorang yg peramah tahap tak malu. :p

what do u want to know? ;)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Why do stars twinkle in the sky?

because that's nature of the world. ;p

what do u want to know? ;)

kenapa ko da sombong?

mana ad. kau yg x msj aku. :p

what do u want to know? ;)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

adik anda yg paling anda sayang.. hehehhehhe. (jawablah saya) hahhahah

adk sy yg plng sy syg? of course la adk sy yg betul2. :p
awk? syg jgak la. xD

what do u want to know? ;)