Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gentleman like manner.

Ladies and Gentleman,
here I present, the characteristic of gentleman
A gentleman know how to begin a conversation.

If a gentleman is subjected to a rude remark or rude behavior, he does not offer rudeness in return.

A gentleman allows others to finish their sentences. Even in his most brilliant moments, he does not interrupt.

A gentleman does not talk with his mouth full- even over the phone.

A gentleman is slow to judge the actions of others, either in their public or private affairs.

A gentleman never corrects another person's grammar - unless he is teaching an English class.

A gentleman does not take part in major arguments over minor issues.

A gentleman makes a conscious effort to use correct grammar, but he resists all temptation to sound overly grand.

A gentleman does not pretend to speak languages that he has not made his own.

A gentleman never asks a woman if she is pregnant.

A gentleman avoids raising his voice and does not shout others down - even in the most heated discussion.

A gentleman says "Excuse me," not "I'm sorry" when inconveniences someone while moving through a crowded room.

A gentleman never begins a statement with "I don't mean to embarrass you but..."

When it comes to accepting social invitations, a gentleman never waits for something better to come along.

A gentleman does not ask anyone - male or female- to divulge his or her age.

When a gentleman initiates a telephone conversation, he know it is his responsibility to end that conversation.
A gentleman does not use his cell phone when he is at a table with others.
Once a gentleman discovers that he must decline an invitation that he has already accepted, he promptly alerts his host.
When a gentleman receives a number of invitation on his voice mail, he accepts the first one.
A gentleman does not engage in arguments, of any sort, at the dinner table.
When a gentleman is confronted by foolishness, he does not attempt to refute it with reason. instead, he keeps silent.
A gentleman never claims to have seen a movie or read a book about which he has only read reviews.
In a civil conversation, and when attempting to meet new friends, a gentleman ask the question "What do you think?" often.
A gentleman sincerely appreciates any gift that comes his way, and pens a thank you note to show his gratitude.
A gentleman knows that a toast need not be epic in length, but usually a few well thought out words will convey his wishes.
A gentleman knows that the freshest toast of the evening is the first one offered.

A gentleman know that, beer steins excepted, he may not toast with anything resembling a coffee cup.

A gentleman never uses a toast to ridicule or embarrass a friend.

A gentleman does not take it upon himself to deliver a toast at a breakfast meeting.

When a gentleman will have guests in his home, he makes sure the toilets are clean and there is plenty of toilet paper.

When a gentleman throws a party, he goes to the grocery store and the store early in the day, and buys plenty of ice.

A gentleman understands that a hat exists for utilitarian purposes, and that it should never be worn inside.

A gentleman always removes his hat during any formal prayers.

If a gentleman has a cold, especially if he is running a fever, he declines all social invitations.

If a gentleman has left a message for another person, he does not leave badgering follow-up calls.
Even if he lives alone, a gentleman never drinks milks directly from the container.
At a concert or any musical performance, a gentleman does not applaud until the end of a complete musical number.

A gentleman does not pick his nose in public. In fact, he is wise that he does not pick his nose at all.

In a theater, mosque, or any place where people have gathered, a gentleman always turns his cell phone off.
A gentleman always thinks before he speaks.

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