Wednesday, August 10, 2011

blogger life.

just few days ago, I just ran into old friend.

he ask me.

how your life now?

yeah. not very okay, still lack of luck! but awesome! :D

how bout you?

life. life. life. life.

blogger life. human life. people life. student. whatever yg bernyawa.

everyone, every single people on earth. on this planet. everyone has it own story.

just like in the movie, you are hero of your life, you are the main character of your 'movie'.

frankly speaking, this life is very complicated, but sometimes it's amusing :D

everyone has it own character, behavior, habit, that what make different between you and me.

but some people has the same !

life oo life.

the flow of my life is pretty complicated. but somehow it was interesting. :D

how about your?

to be continue. (kalau aku rajin ) :p

(p/s: benda apa aku taip ni? :p)