Tuesday, August 14, 2012

my hand just writingg.? n I wonder..

what's time now?

3.11 am.

my my.

what should I do now.?

maybe sleeping.?


seriously I've no point@idea to write anything


what should I do?


what's normal people will do in the time like this.?

of course sleeping.

even budak tadika know that.

but it's too bad coz I'm not that kind of normal.

but come to think back,

normal or not.

it doesn't make any different at all.

human are human.

human are equal.

there's no such as thing that are some people are superior than other .

oke. what's human?

what's reason of human existence?

what's reason human live on this beautiful planet?

what's the reason we are given life by Allah s.w.t ?

many people looking for the answer for that question.

but when they found it, they just blind it.

pretending that there never found the answer.

n say. "still don't found the answer"

act they are afraid of the answer coz the answer is completely gonna changes they life.

n change it wasn't easy like a b c.

yeah I know it.

but we have to move on.

time will never wait for us.

we donno when will our time will runout.

even it gonna be very long n pain road but we have to go on..

back to fitrah.

as a muslim.

okay. we take mualaf as example. a person who convert to become.

that wasn't easy thing to do.

decision that gonna changes a whole life.

it take courage to make decision like that.

n they made it .

sometimes it's funny when I see the mualaf are look more muslim than muslim that's born with islam.

pathetic ?

haih. that's fact.

even myself include in that group.


if the mualaf can made it.

they are thousand times better than us.

then what's our excuse?

let's move on.

be the better muslim.


reminder for myself n for the dearest friend n reader.

thanks for spending your time reading this.

if you find there's something wrong bout my entry, just lemme know, will ya?

best of luck. in searching for answer. ?

oke then.

May Allah bless you.