Saturday, August 18, 2012

can you see it.?

sometimes fake can be see as real, n sometimes the real one can see be as fake.  but at the some point, you can see fake is real one n the real one is completely fake.  it may sound complicated n hardly to understand, but that's how this world work. n that's life. full of illusion.

what you understand by this?

actually it's referring to world that's full of deception.


n hardly we recognized which one is real  n which is fake.

it look almost same.

just like china phone that copy from galaxy tab n many more.

 it doesn't seem like fake.

seriously. 90% same.

try search at you will found it.

eh mcm dah melalut, iklan plak.

the point is. human also like that.

they may seems like real friend

but the truth.?

friend for benefit.?

stabbing behind ya.?

who's know.

but it doesn't mean all people like that.

but the percentage to found the real one is almost 0.1%

trust me.

too be honest there's too many thing that I could say bout this,

but I don't feel like wanna elaborate it now.

maybe later.

anyway be careful with people around  you.

fake around us.

even television n sort of sources from online are deceiving us.


guess that's all.


oya. happy Eid Fitr. ;)


lokman said...

Assalamualaikum.. Selamat hari raya maaf zahir dan batin...^_^

Dari lokman, bakal isteri dan keluarga.